Mexico D.F. July 14, 2001


The present request is with the purpose to recommend and to solicit that in the legislative works made to rescue and to promote the Mexican cultures and technologies they include specific regulations and programs to assure their suitable attention and compliance.

For years I have been making independent studies on the millenarian, singular and rich organological culture-technology of the Old Mexico that was fomented and taken advantage of at the highest level. Unfortunately, it was destroyed, prohibited and forgotten from Conquest to the present time. Some of those studies made can be consulted in the pages of the site of Internet:

It has been detected that the Constitutional EFFECTIVE orderings and the specific laws to investigate, to rescue, foment or enrich the pre-Hispanic and indigenous cultures have not been complied with, in the field of my investigations. Additionally, there have been limitations and serious difficulties to continue with the investigations. Even the educative institutions, of investigation and those that support the subject in their programs and projects forbid. Some civil employees of the Executive Power even to answer requests, this contravening the Constitutional Right of petition. If you wish you can see details that sustain the previous petition in a letter sent to the President of the Republic in the URL: .

It seems that the Powers of the New Nation have not been interested in the subject. A long time ago I allowed myself to send to the Senate, by its system of automatic capture of messages, a similar request on the same subject. The only received answer was a message of electronic mail of receipt requested and its turn to a Commission. In order to assure that this new request is not lost in the registries of its computers, I am allowing myself to send the present to them in a written and signed form. The main references and documents of the case are included in the site:


Robert Velázquez Cabrera



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